The innovative life sciences company, Cybin Corp, recently announced it has completed its reverse takeover of Clarmin Explorations Inc and is expected to go public on the NEO exchange (under the symbol “CYBIN”) on or about November 10th, 2020. This exciting news comes on the heels of Cybin completing Canada’s largest go-public financing ever in the psychedelic sector. With gross proceeds of $45 million Canadian dollars, this marks a historic milestone for the psychedelic movement. 


The dynamic team at Cybin is focusing on creating robust, psychedelic based pharmaceutical therapies for a host of neuropsychiatric conditions. From the formulation of unique delivery mechanisms to novel and effective new compounds, this leap by Cybin Corp is poised to take their operations to the next level.

Cybin Raises $45 Million Canadian to Progress Clinical Trials and Expand IP Portfolio

The significance of clinical research into psychedelic compounds is a hallmark of progress in this industry. After raising $45 million Canadian dollars, the largest raise the sector has ever seen, the Cybin team aims to expand their clinical research programs and expand their IP portfolio to be even more robust. This helps them move closer towards their goal of expanding mental illness treatment–something we desperately need at this point in our history. 

cybin corp prepares to go public on NEO exchange

Distinguished Leaders in Blue Chip US Biotech & Healthcare Put Confidence in CYBIN

The historic undertakings at CYBIN have been supported by distinguished leaders in US blue-chip biotech funds and leading healthcare investors. Indeed, it was this momentum that helped them surpass their fundraising goals and set a powerful precedent for the emerging industry at large. From Stifel GMP and Eight Capital to Canacord Genuity Corp., Haywood Securities Inc. and Echelon Wealth Partners Inc, it’s clear that serious investors are interested in seeing Cybin succeed.

cybin corp prepares to go public on NEO exchange

Cybin Prepares to Enter a Huge Market That Desperately Needs Innovation

The number of people globally afflicted with serious mental illness, such as major depressive disorder (MDD), addiction, depression and other such conditions is staggering–and steadily increasing. Not only is the market massive, current treatments, such as SSRIs are slow to be effective–if at all. The need for radically effective new therapies couldn’t be greater, especially amidst this pandemic. This is where the team at Cybin seriously shines. The clinical research backing psychedelic medicine couldn’t be stronger–and companies like Cybin and Compass Pathways are ready to deliver. Amidst the exciting week psychedelics have had, this development certainly marks another historic milestone.

cybin corp prepares to go public on NEO exchange

Multi-Billion Dollar Market Forecast for Psychedelic Medicine

The market forecast for psychedelic medicine is nothing short of massive. Indeed, amidst the compelling clinical evidence, financial experts project it to be a multi-billion dollar market. The market cap for Compass Pathways alone recently hit a billion dollars with price targets already reaching upwards of $80 share. This is certainly an exciting time for psychedelic medicine– the recent legislative progress in Oregon has made that clear, even on a legislative and political front. Additionally, the groundbreaking results coming out of psychedelic research are only rising as more high quality studies are being conducted. This couldn’t be both a more exciting and more necessary time to get into psychedelic medicine–and the team at Cybin Corp is at the forefront of progress.

cybin corp prepares to go public on NEO exchange