Cybin Partners with Kernel to Quantify Brain Activity During Psychedelic Trips

Cybin & Kernel Announce Collaboration

Although the psychedelic therapy renaissance is rooted in neuroscience, neuroscience has not been a frequent part of psychedelic therapy sessions – until now. Life science & psychedelic drug development company Cybin Inc. (NEO: CYBN) recently announced they’ve entered an agreement with neurotech pioneering company Kernel to quantify brain activity during psychedelic experiences in real time. This collaboration adds an incredibly useful dimension of information to be used in upcoming clinical work, and ultimately, in the pursuit of alleviating mental health crisis.

Cybin & Kernel

Cybin x Kernel Flow Technology Has Enormous Potential

Cybin will be leveraging Kernel Flow technology – Kernel’s innovative system which detects changes in the brain – during a user’s psychedelic trip. This not only allows us to understand the gnosis of psychedelic healing, but brings us closer to understanding the initial psychological issue that is to be treated. Furthermore, this opens up a world of more intricate psychedelic science questions (e.g., what is the neurological mechanism of a challenging trip vs a delightful experience, how does neuro activity vary from dose to dose, what might the “afterglow” period look like neurologically, etc.).

This isn’t just a step forward for psychedelic therapeutics, but rather a step forward for life sciences in general. According to a recent press release, Kernel Flow technology works in the following manner:

“Flow is a full-head coverage, time-domain functional near-infrared spectroscopy system designed to detect hemodynamic changes in the brain that pulses light through the skull and into the bloodstream in order to measure how much oxygen the blood is carrying at any given time. Flow measurements can be used as analogues of local neural activity during a psychedelic experience. Cybin expects the quantitative measurements enabled by Flow may improve the development, delivery and scaling of its psychedelic therapeutics.”

Cybin & Kernel

Cybin & Kernel Flow Expected to Deliver During Second Quarter of 2021

Whether you look at this partnership and subsequent collaboration through a clinical or economic lens, this announcement is a groundbreaking way to enter the new year. No longer will clinical investigators have to rely solely on subjective patient information. Likewise, this news follows Cybin’s successful capital raise, NEO exchange listing, and the company’s acquisition of Adelia Therapeutics Inc.

Per Cybin’s announcement, the company intends to take delivery of Flow in the second quarter of 2021. “Cybin plans to undertake sponsored studies in a range of clinical conditions and utilize insights gained from the data collected by Flow technology to inform the design of future clinical studies, support regulatory submissions and aid in the design of future molecules to address the needs of mental health patients.”

Doug Drysdale, CEO of Cybin, see this collaboration as a way to tackle many different clinical research questions. “Access to the Flow technology has so much potential.  On the one hand, we can potentially observe local neural activity before, during and in the afterglow of a psychedelic treatment,” said Drysdale. “On the other hand, we could potentially compare different novel psychedelics from our library and tailor molecules that evoke a specific local neural response. This is another tool in our journey to create second generation psychedelic therapeutics”

Cybin & Kernel

Designing Therapeutics Based on Cutting Edge Data

This fantastic news is likely the first of many psychedelic drug R&D x biotechnology collaborations we will see for years to come. As an emerging industry, we’ve come fairly far, but we must eventually transition away from subjective self-reporting. Instead, we ought to strive for more reliable data-driven information – and that is exactly what we see happening with Cybin & Kernel right now. Longitudinal, quantitative measurements provided by Kernel Flow technology will tell us so much about safety and efficacy, which is obviously paramount info for our patients. We look forward to reporting on this Cybin x Kernel partnership as details unfold.

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