Cybin Corp Goes Public on the NEO Exchange

Cybin Inc., a Toronto-based biotech and life science company at the forefront of psychedelic pharmaceutical therapies, recently went public on the NEO exchange. Thanks to a reverse takeover, Cybin is now public on the international market under the ticker NEO:CYBN.


After closing Canada’s largest go-public financing in the psychedelic sector, with gross proceeds of $45 million Canadian dollars, Cybin is continuing to fight towards being the world’s first developer of psilocybin products to treat depression. The company is taking on drug development, new delivery mechanisms, compounds, and protocols in hopes of obtaining regulatory approval as the world’s first psilocybin product provider to treat medical depression disorder (MDD).

We had the pleasure of connecting with Cybin CEO Doug Drysdale for this piece and he had this to share about their exciting developments

“We are excited to put the mechanics of financing and public listing in the rear view mirror, enabling the team to focus on growing our business. Our recent, over-subscribed, go-public round created a war chest to support our very active business and corporate development pipeline, allowing CYBIN to be early consolidators in this space and to take advantage of the many early developments and innovations we are seeing within psychedelic science.” ~Doug Drysdale, Cybin Corp CEO



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Doug Drysdale, CEO of Cybin, expressed his eagerness to take this step forward in a recent press release:

“The NEO Exchange shares our passion for innovation and provides a broad platform for our next stage of growth. Cybin is heading into a very active period with the start of our Phase 2 clinical study of sublingual psilocybin for the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder. This listing gives us increased access to capital, enhanced visibility with the investment community, and most importantly, a greater opportunity to bring innovative treatment options to those suffering with mental illness.”

cybin corp goes public on neo exchange

Cybin Recognizes the Immense Potential Psilocybin Has in Treating Mental Illness

Cybin wholeheartedly recognizes the potential of psychedelic therapy in treating depression and addiction. Their collaboration with the Toronto Centre for Psychedelic Science ensures the public that their products will be safe and effective, and accompanying research will be vigorously vetted, accurate, and transparent. The movement to medicalize psychedelic drugs is validated and propelled by this groundbreaking clinical and scientific research. Cybin’s research efforts are a critical part of their strategy and to the benefit of the whole industry and world at large. 

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cybin corp goes public on neo exchange

Looking Ahead for the Cybin Corp Team

This is an important day for psychedelic enthusiasts, investors, and those afflicted by mental health crises. Between huge policy strides psychedelics have made in states like Oregon and Cybin’s bold debut on the NEO exchange, it’s been another dynamic week for psychedelics. 

The psychedelic medicine revolution will require incredible amounts of capital, innovation, time, and effort. Thankfully, Cybin trading on the NEO exchange will continue to push the psychedelic agenda forward.

cybin corp goes public on neo exchange

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