Virtual Psychedelic Conference

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Regulation & Law

Is legalization the right model for the psychedelic space, and how can regulators improve patient access through legislation?

Featured Speakers: Henri Sant-Cassia, João Taborda da Gama, Sam Chapman, Aaron Genuth, Jack Lloyd, Ryan Munevar

Science (Day 1)

What positive and negative behavioural changes occur during psychedelic experiences, and what research is urgently needed to tell us more?

Featured Speakers: Henri Sant-Cassia, Natalia Vorobyeva, Jan Ramaekers, Matthew Cook MD, Dana Beal, Jeremy Weate PhD


Does technology allow us to truly mimic, amplify or improve psychedelic experiences?

Featured Speakers: Dr. Alex Theory, Nikolai Vassev, Sarah Hashkes, Anil Seth, Tyler Bryden, Robin Arnott, Stacey Wallin


Are there benefits to patient access in following the medical model versus de-criminalization or legalization?

Featured Speakers: Sarah Rose Siskind, Jerry Brown, Shelby Hartman, Daan Keiman, Marta Kaczmarczyk

Patient Experience

How do pre and post-care affect the patient experience, and what are the best ways to maximize positive outcomes?

Featured Speakers: Patrick Moher, Luc van Poelje, Irie Selkirk, Psil Silva, Dr. Erica Zelfand

Venture Capital & Funding

How are smarter companies raising capital, and what has the virus done to change the fundraising and IPO landscape?

Featured Speakers: Simeon Schnapper, Richard Skaife, Bek Muslimov, Matthew Nordgren, Marik Hazan, Florian Brand, Robert Laurie


How can we use psychedelics to prevent depression, suicide and poor outcomes for people experiencing extreme events or changes?

Featured Speakers: Alana Armstrong, Wyly Gray, Daniel Carcillo, Riley Cote, Jesse Gould, Sarah Stenuf

Crossing Over From Cannabis

What we can learn from, avoid and do better using what we know from the cannabis space?

Featured Speakers: Henri Sant-Cassia, Patrick Moher, Deepak Anand, Will Kleidon, William Hilson

CEOs (Day 1)

What are the biggest challenges and opportunities facings CEOs and founders as the industry explodes?

Featured Speakers: Simeon Schnapper, Ronan Levy, Shlomi Raz, Judy Blumstock, Payton Nyquvest, Srinivas Rao MD, PhD

Holistic Wellness

What can retreats and non-physician led therapies tell us about caring for and healing people rather than patients?

Featured Speakers: Alana Armstrong, Kat Courtney, Paul Austin, Alexej Pikovsky, Brandi Garden, Ariel Jarvis, Mia Cosco

Science (Day 2)

How can we build patient safety into research and experiments from the ground up?

Featured Speakers: Henri Sant-Cassia, Harsh Taneja, Deborah Mash Ph.D., Matthew W. Johnson, Ph.D., M.A., Christopher Timmermann-Slater, Vince Polito, Thomas Anderson

CEOs (Day 2)

How crowded can the commercial space get without becoming a free for all?

Featured Speakers: Simeon Schnapper, Martijn Schirp, Jonathan Sporn MD, Todd Shapiro, Jackee Stang

Capital Markets

Are IPOs the right way to draw in capital or is there a risk of cannabis style contagion?

Featured Speakers: Richard Skaife, Grant Lawrence, James Lanthier, Tim Regan, Shayne Nyquvest

Beyond Mental Health

Have we missed the cognitive enhancement and nootropic benefits of psychedelics amidst the mental health and addiction narrative?

Featured Speakers: Sarah Rose Siskind, Tanja Schomann, Steve Sadoff, Simeon Schnapper, Jonathan Glazer, Charley Wininger

Whole Plant vs. Synthetics

Are there tangible benefits to whole plant remedies or are synthetics the only way forward in terms of scale?

Featured Speakers: Henri Sant-Cassia, Ian McDonald, Alex Speiser, Dr. Darryl Hudson, Will Goss, Danny Motyka

Ibogaine & Addiction

What are the practical and legal barriers to bringing ibogaine addiction treatments to the widest possible number of addicts?

Featured Speakers: Alana Armstrong, Zappy Zapolin, Tobias Erny, Dr. Alberto Solà, BSc, MD, Patrick Kroupa, Juliana Mulligan

Going Mainstream

Is mainstream psychedelics the best thing that could happen to the space, or the road to hell?

Featured Speakers: Jackee Stang, Shane Mauss, Dana Larsen, Mark Haden, Kevin Matthews, Justin Townsend, Sarah Rose Siskind

The Mushroom

What can the mushroom family teach us and what can we relearn from the ancients?

Featured Speakers: Simeon Schnapper, Dr. K Mandrake, Eric Osborne, David Kurth, Gary Costner, Paul Stamets


Overcoming the stigma and stalemate of tackling the mental health crisis. Why can philanthropy, especially from outside psychedelics, drive the research which fills the gaps we don’t even know we have yet?

Featured Speakers: Patrick Moher, Dick Simon, Tania de Jong, Joe Green, David Bronner, Rick Doblin

Communicating Psychedelics

How is language, messaging and approach crucial to building the right narrative for investors, patients and the public?

Featured Speakers: Jonathan Glazer, Alex Krause, Frank Lane, Susan Chapelle, Lewis Goldberg