Call for Speakers – “The Ibogaine Conference” a Molecular Masterclass by Microdose

The Ibogaine Conference – A Call to Interested & Qualified Speakers

Are you leading researchers in the science and therapeutic use of Ibogaine? Apply now to take center stage at the The Microdose Conference 19th-20th February. This 2-day virtual conference aims to raise awareness of the beneficial properties of this unique plant-derived medicine, to stimulate further research interest, medicalization, support advocacy in different contexts as well as discuss the use of ibogaine as a therapy for addiction, neurodegenerative disorders, as well as a catalyst for spiritual development. 

To highlight the rich diversity in the emerging psychedelic medicine space, we are looking to feature indigenous, female and BIPOC speakers at our events.

Join us as we take a scientific deep dive into the dynamic field of psilocybin and functional mushroom uses, with expert panels and engaging discussions. 

We’ll explore following topics conference:

Day 1: Ibogaine science, policy-making & fundraising

  1. Clinical research: latest findings from ongoing studies 
  2. The path to medicalization in Canada and elsewhere 
  3. Ibogaine and its analogues 
  4. Ibogaine beyond addiction (neurodegenerative disorders) 
  5. Ibogaine: a missing tool to combat the opioid crisis? 
  6. Ibogaine medicalisation: the role of capital markets 
  7. Ibogaine in the Caribbean: the opportunity of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines


Day 2: Practitioner and client experience

  1. Ibogaine therapy in an indigenous context: from the Bwiti experience to First Nations North America 
  2. Remembering Howard Lotsof 
  3. Ibogaine pre and aftercare: reframing the addiction recovery paradigm 
  4. Lessons from the ibogaine community 
  5. Changing the dose: Ibogaine in the era of fentanyl analogues 
  6. Ibogaine in the world: provider experiences 

If you feel that your expertise and experience positions you as a thought-leader in the space, we invite you to complete the application to become a speaker at this cutting-edge event. Please apply by completing our form below.

Why Be A Speaker?

Microdose conferences are highly regarded by market leaders across the psychedelic sector, thanks to our consistently strong and well-respected speakers and content guidance. As a speaker at one of Microdose’s events, you will have the opportunity to give an expert presentation, and network with other key participants and new entrants in the field.

  • Be recognised as an industry expert and thought-leader 
  • Complimentary all-access pass to the event
  • 2 complimentary tickets for your colleagues 
  • Contribution toward moving the industry forward with new initiatives and ideas
  • 30% revenue share on ticket sales that come through your unique link 
  • Receive visibility in pre-event, and post-event marketing materials, including social media, direct event promotion, email newsletters, and promotional partners.

GUIDELINES (Please review these in full before submitting)

  • To be considered for a speaking slot complete the form above. We curate content far in advance and work with selected speakers over several months leading up to the conference. Speaker selections will be made by the selection team and notifications will go out to all those that are chosen to speak via email.
  • Please submit only thorough topic presentations and demonstration of expertise.
  • Presentations should last between 30-60 minutes overall (depending on the topic and structure of the session), including Q&A from the audience. You must be an expert on the subject and be able to converse fluently in an organic manner. 
  • We are looking for a diverse lineup of speakers including: both those who have spoke at psychedelics events in the past and those who have not, speakers covering a diverse range of geographic areas, those who are at different stages of their company evolution and speakers who have not spoken recently at one of our conferences, as we strive to increase diversity and inclusion in all of our event productions.

If you are interested in learning about sponsorship opportunities for The Ibogaine Conference, reach out to [email protected] for details.  

Ibogaine Conference

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