ATAI Life Sciences, a global biotech company in the realm of psychedelic mental illness solutions, is set to go public in the next couple of months. ATAI, founded by Christian Angermayer, is said to go public next spring with an “expected $1bn-$2bn valuation, according to bankers familiar with the process.”

This news may have been anticipated by those who have been keeping up with the company. Earlier this year in April, we saw ATAI Life Sciences close a $24 million convertible note financing round. Then in August, ATAI Life Sciences announced their latest subsidiary EmpathBio – tackling MDMA derivatives particularly to treat PTSD.

In this regard, ATAI’s trajectory is not surprising. The company continues to grow, and Microdose looks forward to covering ATAI’s progress as their story unfolds.

ATAI Aims to Fill Treatment Gaps for mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI)

Another important element of ATAI’s novel drug development efforts include developing robust treatments for mild traumatic brain injury. Concussions and other forms of mTBI represent a significant unmet medical need in medicine today. Research has also shown that a large number of patients with mTBI ultimately develop long-term cognitive issues and mental illness, including major depressive disorder, PTSD and other psychiatric and non-psychiatric conditions. Recently, ATAI announced their partners, Neuronasal Inc, has completed its pilot study intended to nose to brain delivery of N-acetylcysteine (NAC) in healthy volunteers. NAC is a well-established compound that has been used for many years as a mucolytic and to treat tylenol intoxication. New studies show NAC stimulates potent antioxidants in the brain as well, helping remedy damage caused by concussions and TBI. This novel treatment being developed by Neuronasal marks one of many intriguing developments in ATAI’s pipeline and sets an important precedent for possible psychedelic formulations that can be delivered intranasally as well.

atai life sciences set to go public IPO mdma psychedelic derivative

Looking Ahead for ATAI Life Sciences

As per ATAI’s webpage, they are said to have “a special passion for psychedelics”. Indeed, with dynamic entrepreneur Christian Angermayer at the helm of the company, investors are certainly paying close attention to their progress. Their $24 million dollar raise back in April featured notable investors, including Icelandic entrepreneur Thor Bjorgolfson and former hedge fund manager, Mike Novogratz. Be sure to stay tuned to Microdose for this developing story!

atai life sciences set to go public IPO mdma psychedelic derivative