Announcing Psychedelics Versus Cannabis: An Evidence-Based Exploration

Microdose is pleased to announce the launch of our monthly new blog series Psychedelics vs Cannabis. This evidence-based literary journey will explore the scientific, social, and economic intersection of psychedelic medicine, cannabis and the world at large. 

As the modern psychedelic renaissance amples forth on the heels of the medical cannabis movement, unique parallels and contrasts between the two industries have emerged. Indeed, the cannabis reform movement has helped establish major precedents for psychedelic medicine. However, the two differ in many important ways, from their therapeutic profiles to the socioeconomic implications they present. Many pioneering the charge in the nascent psychedelic space are relying upon lessons learned from movement to medicalize and legalize cannabis. Providing insightful commentary exploring the important similarities and differences between psychedelics and cannabis is more important now than ever before.  

psychedelics cannabis capital markets health science clinical

There are a variety of important areas that the burgeoning cannabis and psychedelic medicine spaces our series will explore. Some of the topics explored by Psychedelics Versus Cannabis include:

Psychedelics Vs. Cannabis: The Dynamic Capital Markets

From the “Green Rush” to the “Shroom Boom”, the impact psychedelic medicine and cannabis is having on capital markets is a significant topic of exploration in this series.

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psychedelics cannabis capital markets health science clinical

Psychedelics Vs. Cannabis: The Evolving Clinical Landscape

Be it cannabis or psychedelic medicine, the evolving body of research behind them continues to impact their role in society in big ways. From the groundbreaking clinical trials using psilocybin to the FDA’s recent approval of Epidiolex, this blog series will explore the latest clinical research surrounding both psychedelic medicine and medical cannabis.  

Psychedelics Vs. Cannabis: Navigating The Cultural Stigma

Maneuvering through prohibition has shaped the emerging cannabis and psychedelic space in massive ways. This blog series will explore the process of cultural stigmatization these compounds are facing and how the mixture of strong scientific research and powerfully personal stories are helping them accomplish that. 

psychedelics cannabis capital markets health science clinical

Psychedelics Vs. Cannabis: Exploring Set, Setting & Safety

When it comes to discussing drug safety, there are both important similarities and vast differences between psychedelic medicine and cannabis. Like cannabis, many psychedelic compounds are generally safe and non-toxic from a physiological perspective. However, the profound psychological states induced by psychedelics are vastly different than that of cannabis. To better explore the re-integration of these compounds into mainstream society, a comprehensive review of set, setting and safety is paramount and a focus of our blog series.


psychedelics cannabis capital markets health science clinical

Psychedelics Vs. Cannabis: Understanding The Socioeconomic Impact

The ongoing re-integration of psychedelics and cannabis back into mainstream society stands to massively impact life as we know it. From treating serious mental health conditions to revolutionizing global drug policy, this series will explore the widespread influence these movements are having on the world at large.  

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psychedelics cannabis capital markets health science clinical

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