A Heartfelt Shout Out to Our 2020 Microdose Sponsors

While 2020 has undoubtedly been a challenging end to this decade, it has also shown us the incredible value of teamwork. At Microdose, we understand that the success of any organization lies in the strength of its people. That’s why we consider our partners the strongest and most valuable of them all. Not only do they help Microdose function as the psychedelic operating system, they also help drive the industry forward with new innovations, therapeutics, tools and treatments for the world at large. We are so grateful for their support and unwavering commitment towards a healthier, happier future.


This year, several Microdose partners have generously provided us with their valuable time and resources to help us produce a variety of inquisitive content, dynamic conferences featuring world renowned experts and so much more.

The Role of Events and Conferences in Psychedelia


Those who have been in the psychedelic community for quite some time can recall a long tradition of interestees gathering together to discuss the magic behind these powerful compounds. Indeed, from state-to-state psychedelic societies to the more niche focused discussions at Breaking Convention, events mean a lot to this community. 


But this once niche fascination with psychedelics is no longer a secret, as many newcomers are warmly welcomed into this space. Today’s psychedelic community consists of various demographics, often intersectioning the fringe artist with the capital investor. Even in the face of a public health crisis, psychedelic conferences were able to continue in a virtual capacity. Though it wasn’t always easy, Microdose is grateful to host events with our sponsors – all of which are spearheading the psychedelic medicine movement. Some of our most notable conferences and events are discussed below along with highlights of our amazing partners that helped make it possible.

The Virtual Psychedelic Conference

In the midst of a global health crisis, Microdose and The Conscious Fund hosted a worldwide virtual conference for the emerging psychedelic medicine industry. It was the biggest global event in the psychedelic space to date! Given the mental health and wellbeing challenges facing the world, the conference was a timely look at the new treatments and therapies which have astonished researchers. The conference featured some of the most inspiring voices in psychedelic medicine, including Dennis McKenna, Paul Stamets, Robin Carhart-Harris and more. 

Microdose would like to generously thank our sponsors, The Green Light and The Conscious Fund, for helping making this groundbreaking event a possibility.

thank you sponsor psychedelic partners

Molecular Masterclasses: Convening World Renowned Experts to Explore Psychedelia 

In addition to exploring the burgeoning psychedelic capital space, we also had the pleasure of diving deep into psychedelic science and research. The Microdose Molecular Masterclasses convened world renowned experts who spotlighted ketamine and mushroom therapeutics in two exciting, comprehensive events. 

The Ketamine Conference: Examining NMDAR Therapeutics at the Cutting Edge

Our first Molecular Masterclass spotlighted the growing field of ketamine therapy and novel NMDA therapeutics on the horizon. From science and history to psychotherapy and pharmacology, leading experts, clinicians and researchers provided deep insights into this fascinating field of psychedelic therapy. Notable speakers included Hamilton Morris from the well-known show, Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia, who spoke about new chemical entities (NCE’s) being developed in this space. 

Microdose would like to sincerely thank our lead sponsor, Bexson Biomedical, for curating such an incredible event. We would also like to thank Ketamine Media, Maya Health, PsyIndex and The Conscious Fund. 

The Mushroom Conference: A Scientific Deep Dive Into Medicinal Mushrooms 

The mushroom has evolved. Building on millennia of psychoactive, functional and nutritional use, the new breed of mushroom company, the latest research and the most radical ideas are heralding a new age. We took a look in detail at these amazing developments, dove deep into the science and presented the leading ventures in the medicinal and functional mushroom space at The Mushroom Conference.

Microdose is truly grateful for our sponsors Psygen Labs, MagicMed Industries, ACS Pharmacology & Translational Science, Pilz Biosciences and The Wake Network for helping us make this incredible event a reality! 

thank you sponsor psychedelic partners

The World on Drugs: A Bold Documentary Exploring Psychedelic Medicine & Global Drug Policy

In addition to our cutting-edge conference series, the Microdose team had the great pleasure of breaking ground on their documentary filmmaking project, The World on Drugs”. At this critical intersection of the Coronavirus pandemic, the opioid crisis and the mental health epidemic, Microdose is eager to produce this international effort aimed at shifting policy and public opinion surrounding these major public health concerns. The project is aimed at reframing the context of psychedelic medicines and illuminating the radical hope they offer to humankind during this critical juncture of disruption and evolution. 

Our filmmaking excursion began in Mexico, which has been one of the hardest hit countries by the drug war while also becoming a central hub for plant medicine work and healing. The next phase of our journey, which was sponsored by New Wave Holdings Corp, took place in Vancouver, British Columbia. Here the team spotlighted some of the biggest voices in psychedelic medicine today, including Dr. Gabor Maté, Dennis McKenna and Paul Stamets. We hope to continue this exciting project across the world to help illuminate the psychedelic renaissance as it unfolds worldwide.  

Microdose is truly grateful to New Wave Holdings Corp for generously sponsoring production of “The World on Drugs” in Vancouver. We admire their dedication and support in helping us spread this important message. 

Mydecine Launches Psychedelic Speaker Series Featuring All-Star Lineup of Scientists

This first custom speaker series launched by Microdose Psychedelic Insights explored how current research is igniting mainstream medical interest to unlock the potential of psychedelic therapies. The group at Mydecine offered up an all-star lineup for their dynamic scientific team, including Robin-Carhart Harris and Colonel Rakesh Jetly, who is conducting the world’s first trials using psilocybin for PTSD in veterans.

You can watch the first segment in the Mydecine Custom Speaker Series here on Youtube!

thank you sponsor psychedelic partners

Looking Ahead: Microdose Prepares to Launch Psychedelic Industry Report in Q1 of 2021

Microdose is proud to be releasing The Psychedelic Industry Report & Online Directory in Q1 of next year. This report will be the most comprehensive investor focused report that has been custom tailored for the emerging psychedelic medicine space. This 500+ page investment grade market intelligence guide with 10k+ industry data points covers key insights, market data, sector fundamentals, transactions, clinical trials and important research in the psychedelic medicine space. Additionally, the Microdose website will feature a comprehensive online industry directory covering every major player in the global market.

Microdose would like to thank our generous sponsors for bringing this comprehensive report to life. Our elite sponsor for the report, MagicMed Industries, has been instrumental in many of our endeavors this year, including this report. We are grateful for their support and are eager for all our upcoming projects together. We would also like to thank our sponsors Zuber Lawler, Psygen, Mydecine and Numinus, all of whom have been truly helpful in bringing this massive undertaking to fruition. Finally, a big thanks to our contributors, Psilocybin Alpha and Calyx Law, as well.

thank you sponsor psychedelic partners

Microdose Would Like to Wish All Our Partners & Our Amazing Audience a Happy New Year

This year will likely go down as one of the most difficult closers to a decade ever. Businesses of all kinds had to quickly learn how to operate in a virtual capacity, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg of 2020’s hardships. Indeed, the downward spiraling economy and subsequent mental health crisis impacted each individual in this space – and yet, we prospered. We got togethering time and time again virtually with hundreds of attendees tuning in. When the system failed us, we created a system that worked for us. Most importantly, we brainstormed how psychedelic healing might move society forward, out of the aforementioned crises, and into an increased state of empathy for one another. We are beyond confident in our sponsors ability to navigate any and every obstacle in 2021. Happy new year to our sponsors! Here’s to another victory lap.

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