3 Psychedelic Stocks Surging Due to Increased Public Market Interest

The psychedelic renaissance is gaining momentum and public markets are being positively impacted as a result. Recently, 3 companies in particular have surged due to invigorated investor interest: COMPASS Pathways (CMPS), HAVN Life (HAVN) & MindMed (MMED). From COMPASS Pathways and HAVN Life filing their IPO’s to MindMed’s uplisting application on the Nasdaq, this breakdown will explore the recent market success of these three companies.

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Psilocybin-Based Drug Developer COMPASS Pathways Files for U.S IPO


Peter Thiel backed U.K startup Compass Pathways Plc is celebrating filing for their U.S. initial public offering (IPO)–a highly anticipated move by investors in the space. After listing their shares on the Nasdaq Global Market (ticker: CMPS), stock prices surged 70% on the first day. Following their recent filing to raise $100 million, the firm plans to utilize the proceeds of their raise to support clinical trials investigating the efficacy of psilocybin for depression. With the FDA granting psilocybin the coveted “breakthrough therapy” status in 2018, these trials are expected to be expedited. With recent projections suggesting a value of over a billion dollars prior to proceeds from their IPO, it’s no surprise notable investors like ATAI and Thiel are paying close attention to the team at Compass Pathways.


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Psilocybin Production Firm HAVN Life Sciences Files for Canadian IPO


The globally respected commercial and research team behind HAVN Life Sciences (ticker: HAVN) has just joined the public markets with a conservative valuation of C$13.25 million. CEO Tim Moore expressed his excitement about being fully funded for the first twelve months and their cutting-edge psilocybin production research. Their standardized protocols for large-scale psilocybe mushroom cultivation aims to fill a significant gap in the market. Indeed, with a full year of licensing and revenue milestones financially covered, the team at HAVN Life plans to make big moves. Investors are excited about the firm’s strategy to combine short-term revenue with long-term, blue sky upside. As the demand soars for consistently reliable psilocybin formulations, key investors, including Vic Neufeld, Barinder Rasode, and Dr. Ivan Casselman, all with much success in cannabis, are invested into HAVN’s mission. The public markets are sure to keep an eye on the team at HAVN Life Sciences as the psychedelic renaissance continues. 

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MindMed Enjoys Recent Stock Surge and Submits NASDAQ Up-Listing Application

MindMed Kevin O Leary bruce linton canopy growthThe team at Mind Medicine, one of the leading psychedelic drug development companies today, have recently enjoyed notable success in the public markets after he announcement of their NASDAQ up-listing shot share price up 36.4% in 2 days. The team is considering an expanded United States investor base through this up-listing on the NASDAQ capital markets. Mind Medicine is a pioneer in psychedelic drug development and therapeutics to improve health, promote wellness, and alleviate suffering. The team has attracted capital from notable investors, including Kevin O’ Leary from Shark Tank and Bruce Linton, the pioneer behind the world’s largest cannabis grower, Canopy Growth. The markets are sure to observe MMED and their continued progress.


The success of MMED along with the 70% IPO surge for CMPS and HAVN Life’s recent IPO, indicate that a more serious and seasoned crowd of investors have their eyes set on the promise of psychedelic medicine. As the industry continues to evolve, these are certainly players the market will want to keep monitoring. 


It’s Not All About the Money: The Other Side of the Financial Coin

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While the psychedelic medicine space is certainly attracting a lot of capital investment, the real story lies behind why there is so much excitement in this industry–especially by so many notable figures. Mega donations in the millions by iconic figures like Dr. Bronner and entrepreneur Timothy Ferris highlight the profoundly positive impact psychedelic medicine is having on people’s lives. Organizations like the Lundquist Institute have even found themselves accepting $1.75 million in donations by anonymous donors to help improve the quality of life in dying patients through the use of psilocybin. Of course, the Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) is another global leader in psychedelic research that has pioneered several groundbreaking studies. So, while there may be some skepticism about the intersection of capitalism and psychedelics, the fact this combination is already changing and saving lives every day, goes to show these two worlds can coexist in an ethical and symbiotic framework. Indeed, together, they are positioned to help the entire world move into a healthier future with equal access to psychedelic medicine. 


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