PsyCap Recap: 3 Key Takeaways from the February 2021 MagicMed Presentation

Psychedelic medicine is projected to spark a long-awaited revolution in the treatment of mental illness. Between groundbreaking clinical trial data validating the utility, these compounds have in treating severe mental illness, to the influx of capital being poured into the sector by bold investors, the modern psychedelic renaissance shows no signs of slowing down. One team of veteran biotechnologists and drug developers working towards curating the next generation of psychedelic medicine is MagicMed Industries. From their cutting-edge scientific approach towards drug design to their top-notch leadership team, the MagicMed team is a cut above the rest. Here are three key takeaways from their February 2021 Psychedelic Capital presentation delivered by their dynamic CEO, Dr. Joe Tucker.

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Key Takeaway #1: MagicMed’s PsybraryTM Robustly Marries Synthetic Biology & Medicinal Chemistry to Create New Drug Candidates

One of the most striking features of the MagicMed Industries brand is their library of psychedelic derivative drugs cleverly dubbed the PsybraryTM. This repository of new chemical compounds is the company’s strongest asset and the result of innovatively combining synthetic biology with medicinal chemistry to create new drug candidates. The synthetic biology component entails obtaining various enzymes from nature and applying medicinal chemistry concepts to them to create thousands of new molecules that neither the chemist nor nature has ever created before. Furthermore, the new molecules that are getting created can actually be recycled and create still more new molecules. MagicMed is undertaking this cutting-edge, scientific approach towards drug development with scientists from the University of Calgary.

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Key Takeaway #2: MagicMed’s Multi-Layered Approach Intellectual Protection & Patenting is Strategically Sound

The other main element of the MagicMed Industries’ PsybraryTM is all the patents that protect the aforementioned new drug candidates. Here is a list of all the different types of patents the MagicMed team is currently working towards:

  • Composition of Matter Patents
  • Method of Manufacturing Patents
  • Method of Use Patents

The MagicMed team began with the tryptamine family, which is those molecules related to psilocybin (from magic mushrooms) and DMT (from ayahuasca). They have already filed 14 patents on this family as well as creating protection for over a hundred million more.

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Key Takeaway #3: MagicMed’s Top-Notch Leadership Team Is Positioned for Success

From their dynamic CEO, Dr. Joe Tucker, to their skilled team of scientists, which includes Dr. Jill Hagel and Dr. Peter Faccini, MagicMed’s highly experienced leadership team has over 25 years of drug development and biotechnology experience. Dr. Brad Thompson, Henri Sant-Cassia, and Michael Flach make up their experienced board of directors with several decades of combined experience across biotech, pharma, plant medicine, and more. There certainly could not be a better leadership team in place to help MagicMed in the development of the improved brain and mental health drugs for underserved patient populations.

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A Look Ahead for MagicMed Industries

From their dynamic leadership team to having filed over 14 psilocybin-based patents that cover over 125 million derivatives, the psychedelic pioneers at MagicMed are establishing a precedent of progress in this emerging space. As we step into a new era of better mental healthcare, the MagicMed team is certainly one investor and clinicians alike are keeping their eye on!

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