The Conscious Fund & Microdose Host 2nd Worldwide Virtual Psychedelic Capital Conference

The Conscious Fund, one of the most active investment groups in the domain of psychedelic medicine, in partnership with Microdose, proudly present their second virtual psychedelic capital conference. Covering the top companies, the latest IPOs, the newest opportunities, and featuring deep insights from industry leaders, this month’s conference will feature guest speakers from New Wave Holdings, FIVE Pharmaceuticals, MAPS, North Star, Zuber Lawler, Norton Rose Fulbright, Borden Ladner Gervais, NORML Canada, Ad Lucem Law Corporation, Emprouen Advisors, Ernst & Young and Supercharged Stocks, as well as the leading companies currently raising capital within the field. In the midst of this global health crisis, this timely and innovative capital conference series brings together notable leaders who are shaping the financial and investment landscape in the emerging industry of psychedelic medicine. Learn more about how these radical therapies address the overwhelming mental health and wellbeing challenges that face the world today. 


The 5 Vertical Markets in Psychedelic Medicine Driving Investment Today: Highlights from the June Psychedelic Capital Conference

Psychedelic drugs are poised to revolutionize our ability to treat a wide variety of pressing mental health conditions afflicting the globe, including addiction, treatment-resistant depression, PTSD, and much more. There are five big plays in the emergent psychedelic medicine space right now that were highlighted in the June psychedelic capital conference:


  1. Long-term Psychedelic Drug Discovery


Long-term drug discovery in the psychedelic medicine space contains by far the lion’s share of capital, dominating 70% of the market. Currently, there are 264 ongoing drug trials involving psychedelic and psychedelic-derived compounds. The first companies to develop drugs and medical treatments from psychedelics like LSD, ketamine, and psilocybin have hit the Canadian stock exchanges, and they are significantly shaping the evolution of this emergent industry. With more than two-thirds of the capital in this space going into research for novel psychedelic drug development, staying cognizant of the drug discovery pathway (from research to clinical trials, and ultimately to the “exit,” or acquisition) is critical in forecasting the evolution of this industry. Research from the ‘60s, combined with more current findings, is uncovering the vast potential of psychedelic drugs to address issues that are only barely being treated with current drugs. It is worth nothing that unlike cannabis and the respective endocannabinoid system, there is an immense ocean of literature into the 5HT (serotonin) receptor system and its potential role in neurogenesis and neuroplasticity—a promising fact for drug developers and investors in this field.


  1. Boutique Clinics that Offer Psychedelic Therapy for Mental Health Treatment and Personal Growth


Private, boutique clinics have already begun to offer psychedelic therapy in the form of ketamine assisted therapy, and over the next few years they are poised to launch MDMA and psilocybin assisted psychotherapy with licensed therapists. This emerging facet of the industry is projected to be the second largest next to drug discovery. The June conference explored the bold new company, Field Trip Health, and their efforts to provide both digital protocols that patients can use during the pandemic and a safe, optimal space for ketamine infusion therapy (with locations currently in Canada).


  1. Psychedelic-Based Addiction Treatment


Progressive investors, forward-thinking scientists, and an innovative new breed of psychedelic medicine companies are positioned to radically shift the paradigm through which we tackle the worldwide epidemic of drug and alcohol addiction. Ibogaine derivatives, such as MC-18, have attracted much excitement from scientists and clinicians while raising significant capital from investors. Other psychedelics, such as psilocybin, also hold immense potential in catalyzing successful recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Today, several countries use total-alkaloid and isolated, hydrochloride preparations of Ibogaine to detox and treat patients addicted to a variety of drugs—most notably, opiates. Moving ahead, compounds like MC-18, which has a narrower scope of action and a higher safety profile than Ibogaine, as well as drugs like psilocybin, show immense promise in reducing relapse and drug/alcohol cravings in recovering addicts after only a few controlled sessions with a therapist. As this industry evolves, the potential of psychedelic therapy to effectively address addiction stands to benefit not only the eager investors, but society and the world at large.


  1. Nutraceuticals/Nootropics Containing Psychedelic Compounds Sold as Food Supplements


Often called “functional mushrooms,” supplements that contain low-doses of psychedelic compounds (e.g. Paul Stamets novel “stack” containing niacin or vitamin B3, Lion’s Mane, and a microdose of psilocybin) compose the fourth largest category in the emerging psychedelic industry today. Likely to be regulated much like CBD, these supplements are likely to fall outside the traditional regulatory framework and have significant implications on social progress, worker productivity, and human innovation. For those interested in unique investment opportunities, the advent of psychedelic health and wellness is a budding component of the industry that is certainly worth watching.


  1. Ancillary Businesses


The fifth largest component emerging from this psychedelic renaissance is the formation of ancillary businesses around data, mood monitoring apps, and various patient access and telemedicine apps. With the current state of affairs regarding the global pandemic, the use of mobile applications and telemedicine is rapidly revolutionizing healthcare, and it is certain to play an impactful role in the comprehensive care of patients receiving psychedelic therapy.   


Our inaugural psychedelic capital case study event was sponsored by Field Trip Health, Havn Life, Mindset Pharma, and Pure Extracts Corp, and featured guest speakers from The CSE and Haywood Securities Inc. While our original aim was to attract 200-300 people, we overshot that number with a total of 500 curious and eager attendees. Register and watch the June conference here.


Looking to the Legal Landscape Ahead: Worldwide Legal Status and Merger & Acquisition Discussed by Legal Experts in Upcoming July Psychedelic Capital Conference


There will be two panels in the July Psychedelic Capital Conference where industry leaders and experts will explore both the legal status of psychedelics worldwide and M&A (merger and acquisition). As the psychedelic market is poised to follow the cannabis market in transitioning from prohibition to regulation, effectively navigating the regulatory and legal landscape to maximize opportunities for business growth is more important than ever before. July’s Psychedelic Capital Conference features leading law firms poised to help businesses handle what is sure to be novel regulatory and legal challenges by discussing the evolving legal status of psychedelics around the globe. Pathways to legalization and regulation for the medical and/or recreational markets will also be discussed. The second panel will discuss notable mergers and acquisitions in the industry right now that is sure to peak the interest of investors in the space.


Progressive Law Firms Experienced in High-Profile Cannabis Ventures Offer Deep Industry Insights


Having had experience helping high-profile cannabis businesses maneuver through the nuanced regulatory framework of the industry, our panel of legal experts will share valuable insight across our panel discussions about psychedelic law at the federal, provincial, and municipal levels for business owners and investors interested in the burgeoning psychedelic space. Notable mergers and acquisitions are the highlight of the second panel discussion. Other areas covered include intellectual property, including IP strategies and patent law by our expert speakers. We are also excited to welcome back Rick Doblin, founder of the revolutionary organization spearheading psychedelic research, MAPS, to be a guest speaker at our July conference. To construct a sustainable, ethical, and profitable approach that will allow an integration of psychedelics into the established regulatory framework will require both caution and responsibility. July’s Psychedelic Capital Conference aims to shine light on these important issues facing this developing industry today. Be sure to tune in on July 30th for deep insights into the shifting legal landscape of psychedelics around the world as well as the latest mergers and acquisitions in the industry today. 


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Gaurav Dubey

Gaurav Dubey

Gaurav Dubey is a dynamic clinical biologist, evidence-based branding professional and entrepreneur with a passion for scientific writing and traveling the world. He earned a dual bachelor’s degree in biology and philosophy from the University of Miami in 2011 and his Master’s in Biotechnology from Rush University Medical Center in 2015. Gaurav was recently published as lead author in the world's leading transplant journal, The Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation, for a study investigating second-time lung re-transplantation. He is passionate about psychedelic medicine and recently accepted a position as content editor at Microdose, an opportunity he is very excited about. He is also the Founder & President of Karmik, LLC, an evidence-based branding firm for extraordinary life science brands.